Testing Testing, 1 2 3.

Is this thing on? Seems to be working…

Thanks for tuning in to my new blog. The layout is a bit of a work-in-progress and the whole thing’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’ll do for now.

With the news that S and I are moving to Bristol, I thought this a good time to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while: set up my stall online. A place where I can wax lyrical on the adventures we get up to, and share tales from the West Country with family and friends elsewhere in the world.

I would have started this little page a while ago, but concerns over the self-indulgence of it all and a lack of meaty subject matter held me back. I’ve allayed those concerns now…

Self-indulgent it may well be, but I’ve been told I’m a decent scribe and I hope at least to make this an entertaining read. Somewhere between the Guardian’s Stewart Lee, Vanity Fair’s A. A. Gill and that Katie Hopkins out of the Daily Mail.

Meaty subject matter has arrived in the form of Bristol; a very fine city indeed and — as of last weekend — our new home. Apart from the usual nonsense of turning over a new leaf / starting a new chapter etc etc, it’s high time S and I left the Smoke behind and headed onward to pastures new.

So the boxes were packed, the delivery van filled and a new flat in central Brizzle booked. This is our last weekend in London but we’ll be back to visit, sure enough. I actually reckon I’ll enjoy the place a little more when I don’t live here, but we’ll see…

We’ll be running an open-door policy throughout the summer and beyond to anyone who’d like to visit. I’m ploughing head first into a massive list of new pubs, galleries, museums, theatres and gig venues, and will undoubtedly need a hand to get through it all.


As for Bristol, I’m looking forward to making a new city home. S is raised there but the place has changed a lot since she last lived there. (Turns out gentrification isn’t just a London thing… who knew?)

I was sold on the fine ales and ciders, relaxed vibe and stunning street art, but there’s more to it than that and I’m looking forward to getting involved.

Exciting times ahead!
C. x

7 thoughts on “Testing Testing, 1 2 3.”

  1. Absolutely spiffing CJ! Love it! Thank you so much for the taster – really look forward to keeping up with you both.
    Pics too please…

  2. Hi both!
    New adventures lie ahead, as Margaret Thatcher once said “it’s a funny old world”. Have today been to the Glendower to arrange the menus for our little shindig on November 26th. Bristol to Blackpool by car is an easy journey, hope you can make it! Shall not charge you for the meal if you can’t!!!
    Luv to both
    Unc N.

    1. You’ve been avoiding my eyes… this morning you couldn’t tear your gaze from mine, this evening you’ve barely looked at me… What did he saaaay?!

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